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Google adwords is Google's click advertising. You can understand simply when customers search your product with keywords on google and visit your website, then you will have to pay a fee to Google. The cost per click is not fixed and the advertisers themselves bid on each other. The cost for a click can range from a few hundred to several tens of thousands, several hundred thousand.

Advantages of Google Adwords Ads.

- Highly effective advertising: by targeting the right target audience by choosing the right keywords.

- Pay only when customers have access to your website.

- Budget initiative: the cost of advertising is entirely up to you, you can start from a few hundred thousand to several million.

- Simple set up, high flexibility: you can change keywords, ad content regardless

As always, your ads will appear as soon as you create an ad campaign.


Ad Rank depends:

- Keyword bidding for 1 click.

- Ad optimization (quality score).


Advertising costs will depend.

- The competitiveness of keywords.

- Ad optimization (quality score).

- Advertising budget



According to the Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC), more than 31 million Vietnamese use the internet and every day an average of 52 minutes on the facebook forum is a good number. According to a Facebook statement, a three-time average has a new account coming from Vietnam, the number of Facebook users in Vietnam reached 19.6 million, accounting for 74.1% of internet users, surpassing websites. in the water many times. Along with the development of non-stop community of facebook social networking is also the opportunity for businesses and small businesses in Vietnam to promote their business through advertising services. brand on facebook social networking.

Branding on facebook is now a form of advertising to help save the most cost for businesses and those who want their products are known, this is the solution to help bring information. Advertisements of customers appear regularly on leading e-commerce social networks in Vietnam. This is also a form of advertising for high performance businesses or individuals want to promote their brands. Especially for companies or start-up businesses that want to promote their company and products to their customers in the fastest way.

- CTWEB consultants based on experience will advise customers how to choose the service.

- The first phase of the new Fanpage customers develop two parallel services: Fan Increase and Page Post.

- After the amount of Fan and interaction on the page stabilize, focus on deploying Post Page if the customer has a Website to deploy the service Click to Website (Mutiproduct).


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Search engine optimization (SEO) is a combination (or collection of) methods (Techniques, Tactics of Marketing and Internet Technology) to enhance The ranking of a particular website or website in search engine results pages (most commonly Google). Seo is an important research strategy of the Marketing Department of an organization where CMO (Marketing Manager) or a small company as Business Director needs to research the Search Engine Marketing strategy with reasonable costs that can reach well. most targeted customers on Search Engine.

CTWEB has a team of experienced, enthusiastic and creative webmasters. We pledge that our services can meet and provide ADVERTISING SOLUTIONS to your website. Guests work best



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